Activate Tucson

Co-Chair: Annemarie Medina, YMCA of Southern Arizona

Co-Chair: Carolyn Owens, 501 Navigation

Activate Tucson works to educate, motivate and facilitate long-term collaboration with business, government, schools, communities, neighborhoods, social service agencies and the media toward making the greater Tucson area a healthier place to live work and play.

Activate Tucson's activities for for 2018-2021 are to:

  • Advocate for the Arizona Legislature to pass a School Recess Bill to increase recess periods for students in grades K-5.

  • Support the Living Streets Alliance (LSA) in passing a Complete Streets policy in Pima County.

  • Identify other policies, bills, and other legislation that either supports or hinders wellness in Pima County.

  • To promote and support local wellness activities and events to increase wellness in Pima County.

Activate Tucson meets the third Wednesday of every month (in person and by teleconference) at 8:30AM at the Tucson Medical Tucson Orthopedic Foundation (TOMF), located at 3182 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712.