Our Mission

We work together to build a culture of health in Pima County for Every one. Every where. Every day.

Our Story

Healthy Pima’s story has always been about achieving a healthy Pima County – for every one, every where, every day

Since 2010, Healthy Pima has guided local efforts to improve the overall health of Pima County residents by leading and ultimately owning the community health assessment and improvement planning process.

Healthy Pima members approach their work from the perspective that “health” is not simply a medical diagnosis, but reflects a complex interaction among a number of factors that are represented in the dynamics of Pima County’s rural and urban communities, such as employment, income, education, social connection, diet, exercise, and behavioral choices. This perspective is represented in the vision and mission developed by members of Pima County in spring 2016.


Our Vision

Healthy now, wellness for generations to come

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