Submit SHAC Documents to Rachel Callaway

How to Submit Documents:

1. Open each document by clicking the buttons below.

2. Fill in the document.

3. Submit the completed document by pressing the grey SUBMIT button located on the upper right hand side.

Step 1: Coordinator Application (Due date: ongoing)

Step 2: Submit SHAC Recruitment Form by October, 26, 2018

Step 3: Submit ONE of the following by December 7, 2018:

  • 4 School Health Index modules; OR

  • 3 School Health Index modules and the Smarter Lunchroom Scorecard

    • PLEASE NOTE: Scorecard cannot be filled out and submitted online. Please print the form, fill it out, and submit to your Wellness Coordinator.

Step 4: Submit Action Plan by December 7, 2018

Step 5: Submit SHAC Meeting Minutes Form by April 5, 2019

Step 6: Submit Action Plan with Results by April 5, 2019