School Health Resources

Please find below a listing of school health resources for School Wellness Coordinators.


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Smart Snacks for Healthy Kids

List of Smart Snack Foods provided to students during the school day that are required to meet nutrition standards set in place by the USDA. 

Healthy Celebration

Foods for celebrations in grades K-12 in Arizona need to meet the Federal Smart Snack standards. Below are EXAMPLES of foods that generally meet Smart Snack standards.   All snacks must be store-bought for food safety reasons.

Healthy School Fundraisers

Tobacco School Resources

Once you click VIEW PRESENTATIONS, scroll down the page and click the PRESENTATIONS tab.


School Health Index

This online SHI will guide you through completing the entire SHI, allow you to enter your scores for all SHI analyses, calculate your overall scores, help you identify strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum being considered, and guide you through establishing an improvement plan.

Smarter Lunchrooms Score Card

The Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard contains 60 simple, no-cost or low-cost strategies that lunchrooms can use to increase participation, improve consumption of healthy food, and reduce food waste.

Connect with Community Partners

The Healthy Pima initiative is a group of dedicated organizations and people like you – passionate and hardworking activists – who care about the health of youth and are dedicated to addressing the public health needs of Pima County.

Involvement in Healthy Pima offers opportunities to network with other organizations and increased visibility as a community leader. Additionally, Healthy Pima engagement can increase awareness of community resources and create opportunities to share best practices and evidence-based approaches to tackling complex public health issues in Pima County.