Together 2 End Diabetes

Co-Lead: Diane Haeger, El Rio Community Health

Co-Lead: Linda Dingle, Pima County Health Department

Together 2 End Diabetes is an interdisciplinary group of community leaders working to increase awareness, education, self-management, advocacy, and support for those at risk of, or are already diagnosed with, type 2 diabetes in Pima County.

Together 2 End Diabetes goals for 2018 are to:

  • Improve type 2 diabetes education and self-management among residents of Pima County.

  • Reduce the number of residents in Pima County who develop type 2 diabetes.

Together 2 End Diabetes meets the third Friday of every month (in person and by teleconference) in Room 1104 at the Abrams Public Health Center, located at 3950 S Country Club Rd. from 9-10am with occasional exceptions.

Next Meeting: Friday, January 18, 2019 from 9-10am in room 1104 at the Abrams Public Health Center.

  • At the January meeting, Dr. Klearchos Papas (who is the Scientific Director of the Institute for Cellular Transplantation at the University of Arizona) will provide a presentation on his cell-based therapies research for the treatment of type I diabetes without immunosuppression. Learn more here.