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Pima County Health Priorities

Pima County's 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) identified the following four areas as health priorities for Pima County:


Diabetes was identified as the 8th leading cause of death in Pima County. To address the rising prevalence of diabetes in Pima County, Healthy Pima's Together 2 End Diabetes coalition is currently working to provide more education, advocacy, resources, and self-management support to community members with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

accidents & injuries

Arizona's injury rate is higher than the national average with a primary focus on motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of accidental injury and death in Pima County. Collaborative efforts among three Healthy Pima coalitions are currently underway to prevent and reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with injuries and accidents among youth, adults, and seniors.

Substance Misuse & Mental Health

Community members voiced a need for more mental health and substance misuse interventions in Pima County, especially around anxiety, depression and opioid misuse. Due to the county’s upward trend in co-morbidity of mental and substance misuse disorders, Healthy Pima has pulled together an interdisciplinary alliance of six task forces to increase community awareness, decrease substance dependence, and increase access to mental and behavioral health services for members of Pima County.

Healthy Pima Updates

Pima Helpline

The Healthy Pima Referral & Treatment Action Group has launched the Pima Helpline. We are proud to participate in this community-driven, community-made resource website for Pima County residents to find treatment, services, and support for mental health, substance use, and addiction.

2018 Achieving Health Equity Framework

A System of Prevention.jpg

Prevention Institute developed the System of Prevention framework to support health leaders and their partners to delve into systems-level work as they innovate, build practice, advance policy and systems changes, and generate momentum for comprehensive prevention and health equity.

Now available in print and as an e-book (below), Prevention Institute’s new book, A System of Prevention: Achieving Health, Safety, and Wellbeing for All, uses graphic design to illustrate the lessons we’ve learned about what it takes to advance quality community-level prevention.

For FREE print copies of A System of Prevention, contact katrina@preventioninstitute.org.

Community Health Needs Assessment

The 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) has been released. This report is the result of significant community collaboration and identifies health priorities for Pima County and proposed solutions to health challenges.

Top health priorities include:

  • Behavioral health, including mental illness and substance use.

  • Obesity and related chronic diseases, such as diabetes and childhood obesity.

  • Access to services, including how services are provided and their overall availability.